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IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH

Since it´s foundation in Offenbach am Main in 2012, the name IBB has stood as reliable partner in the building construction industry. We are always on the move and are constantly looking for new opportunities for professional development in various economic areas.

Our goal: constant performance improvement for the satisfaction of our customers. In order to achieve this, we put the experience we have accumulated over the years into practice.

Forward-Thinking Approach

We have an excellent structure, professional competence and innovative knowledge directed towards the future. This forward thinking approach allows us to satisfy, safely and economically, even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Our organizational model enables us to successfully implement, optimally and professionally, projects of different types of any size.




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Our story

We are a family business.

A family business requires a lot of commitment and strategy to develop it in the desired direction. The evolution was not easy and brought with it many challenges.

However, any story can be told briefly. Here are some of the highlights:

In the ‘90s, we slowly began to get involved in the construction sector in Germany. In 2012, we decided to implement the experience we had gained in the family business. That's how we put the first pillar in our business and set up IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH.

In the first years, IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH preponderant offering in structural construction services. This helped us to easily develop in the desired direction. We first specialized in a service that belongs to the early stages of a project, and later we started the “turnkey” concept and construction service.

Each construction project stands as an individual unit that begins with competent advice and - after execution- includes construction supervision, ending with successful completion. Our success is characterized by hard work, perseverance and quality.

Quality is the Foundation of Our Success!

Our approach is based on the four-pillar model:

We adapt to the needs of the present and future society. For sustainable development to be achieved, we apply a long-term view and implement business strategies that focus on the ethical, social, environmental, cultural and economic dimensions.

We focus on personal needs. IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH stands for fair working conditions, transparent services, equal opportunities and the development of personal responsibility. We use a step-by-step procedure in our daily business to understand each individual and identify the strategy closest to the detected social needs.
We have a close bond with our employees, partners and customers. As a family company, togetherness, confidentiality and efficiency are part of our values
Quality comes first. The basis of successful projects is a well thought-out organization and constant further development, with the support of good logistics. The optimization of individual processes is an essential part of the IBB approach.


Successful projects involve a well-thought-out organization and continuous development. The ability to optimize the delivery of a successful project is the key to customer satisfaction.

Our architects and surveyors have state-of-the-art equipment and software to simplify their daily work and to support the success of their colleagues in the execution.

Furthermore, thanks to the excellently equipped construction machines and the car fleet, the provision of dedicated services is more efficient and has a positive effect on the results.

The company has an Auto fleet consisting of over 200 cars (trucks and cars) and various site construction machines.

Company Certifications

High performance needs to be proven over time and it starts with a solid foundation. IBB Haus und Industriebau GmbH meets not only the minimum legal requirements in this respect, but constantly works to maintain the highest standards in its business activity.
Our customers and partners can rely on receiving construction services that meet the highest quality standards. Our certificates confirm our technical competence. We offer construction services according to the highest internationally established standard for occupational safety as well as health and environmental protection.

In addition, we are registered in the Hessian prequalification register. We undergo the certification extension process every year and the evidence of suitability is constantly updated.

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