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IBB Group

Since its foundation in 2012 in Offenbach am Main, IBB has stood for reliability and competence as a partner for complex construction projects. With our broad range of integrated services in the construction industry, we support our customers from the very beginning.

With our IBB commitment to quality, we ensure that we are continuously trained according to established industry standards.

Welcome to IBB Group

As a family business, we stand for innovation, commitment and strategy in building and industrial construction. We passionately support our customers from the concept to the completion of their building projects and stand by them as a reliable partner with words and deeds.

The story from our first steps in the field of construction to becoming an established construction company has always been characterized by the aspiration to offer our customers and partners the best possible quality. We want to tell this story here, turning back the clock to the 1990s when our management first came into contact with the construction sector.

With great care, enthusiasm for construction and small, safe steps, the management got involved in the first small shell construction projects. This approach and the experience we have gained have ensured that today we can support our clients in the early stages of their projects.

The first company of the IBB Group, IBB Haus und Industriebau GmbH, was founded as a result of the experience gained by the management through its involvement in various projects. Through this, the passion for building was also developed from generation to generation.

Consistent quality ensured our growth. And so not only did our range of services, projects and responsibilities grow, but so did our staff.

Under the motto "Together we build a sustainable future", we brought our wealth of knowledge from Germany to Romania in 2016 and later founded IBB Holding Romania.
Today, we offer our customers complete support for a wide range of construction projects through our constantly growing team of professionals.

Our services include construction project management, construction administration, infrastructure construction, demolition work and support in building construction. Find out more here




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Quality is the Foundation of Our Success!

Our approach is based on the four-pillar model:

For sustainable development to be achieved, we apply a long-term view and implement business strategies that focus on the ethical, social, environmental and cultural dimensions.

As a reliable partner for our clients’ construction projects, we stand for transparent performance and are committed to fair working conditions and equal opportunities on a daily basis.

For us as a family business, our employees, partners and customers come first, which is why we place particular value on reliable cooperation and constructive collaboration.

As a coordinated interplay of organization, performance and further development, our work stands for optimized processes and the interlocking of competences in order to meet the highest quality standards.


Successful projects involve a well-thought-out organization and continuous development. The ability to optimize the delivery of a successful project is the key to customer satisfaction.

Our architects and surveyors have state-of-the-art equipment and software to simplify their daily work and to support the success of their colleagues in the execution.

Furthermore, thanks to the excellently equipped construction machines and the car fleet, the provision of dedicated services is more efficient and has a positive effect on the results.

The company has an Auto fleet consisting of over 200 cars (trucks and cars) and various site construction machines.

Certifications and standards - providing a commitment to competence.

Our goal is to be more: more than a company that fulfils the minimum legal requirements.
For this reason, we give our customers and partners the IBB commitment to competence, through which we commit ourselves to the highest quality.

Ongoing training, certification courses for our employees and annual certificate extensions ensure that the most demanding standards for occupational safety and health and environmental protection are implemented in our work.

With our entry in the Hessian Prequalification Register, we ensure that our customers and partners can rely on our professional competence, reliability, efficiency and compliance with the law at all times.

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